3 Things That Separate Great Guitar Players From Everyone Else

Posted on December 26, 2016 By

Want to become a great guitar player? There are 3 HUGE differences between great guitarists and mediocre guitarists. Get started becoming a great guitarist by learning them: Great Guitar Players Stay Focused On Their Guitar Playing Goals Poor guitarists make the mistake of practicing as many things as possible with no goal in mind. They…

7 Tips For Tabla Players

Posted on December 19, 2016 By

Are you interested in playing tabla? If so, you may be looking for some useful tips to improve your skill. Given below are a few tips that can help you improve your practice and techniques with time. 1) Go for Clarity (Don’t Just Focus on Speed) First of all, you should keep in mind that…

Musical Instruments for Children – A General Guide

Posted on December 12, 2016 By

As a result of these wide ranging benefits, it’s no surprise that many parents are keen to encourage their children to start learning a musical instrument at a young age. On the face of it, this is a great idea but it can sometimes result in some challenges finding suitable instruments, especially with younger children….

How to Choose A Jukebox For Your Home or Business

Posted on December 5, 2016 By

A jukebox can add a lot of character to your home basement or garage. In addition, a jukebox can be a large revenue generator for your small business. There are just a few important things to consider before you make that large purchase. 1. Media Type What kind of media you would like your jukebox…