How To Easily Become A Faster Guitarist Without Moving Your Hands Any Faster

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Are you having a difficult time playing guitar with speed? The reason why is you are focusing way too much on building potential guitar speed vs. building usable guitar speed.

Learning how to use two hand synchronization is essential for building usable guitar speed.

It’s a necessary to use focused guitar practicing strategies that help you keep both hands in perfect sync.

Two Hand Synchronization Guitar Practice Strategy #1: Double Picking Technique

While practicing any scale or scale sequence, pick each note twice instead of just once.

By picking each note twice, playing with excellent two hand synchronization becomes much more difficult. You must move your picking hand much faster than your fretting hand in order to play the notes correctly. This causes mistakes to become very apparent due to it being hard to articulate every note. After returning to playing as usual, it feels much easier and effortless to pick, and your two hand synchronization becomes tight.

These are two ways to use this approach in your guitar playing:

1. Replace your normal guitar warm up routine with double picking training. Play through your guitar technique exercises using double picking for 10-15 minutes. After the warm up time is done, go back to playing guitar as normal.

2. Schedule specific time to apply this strategy in your guitar practice schedule. Select specific guitar technique exercises and practice them using double picking.

Two Hand Synchronization Guitar Practice Strategy #2: Practice Guitar Without An Amplifier

Practice guitar a little each day without playing on an amp. As you do this, articulate the notes with extra force.

When you play guitar without articulation, your two hand sync suffers. Practicing guitar unplugged forces you to articulate notes in order to hear them clearly. This makes it obvious which notes you struggle with. Use this information to correct the main mistakes in your technique that prevent you from playing faster.

Two Hand Synchronization Guitar Practice Strategy #3: Focus On Single String Licks

Playing single string licks helps you perfect your two hand synchronization skills. You have to play in perfect sync to correctly play each note.

Make it a goal for yourself to repeat this pattern until you can no longer play cleanly. Then track then number of times you were able to do so.

Repeat this process until you can do it 20 times straight at any tempo. Raise the tempo once you are able to do this. Then find the fastest speed at which you can play perfectly for 20 repeats.

Two Hand Synchronization Guitar Practice Strategy #4: Use Opposite Picking

Practice single string fragments by beginning each phrase with an upstroke. Set a goal for yourself make your playing sound exactly the same regardless of using a downstroke or upstroke. Keep the same level of articulation, speed and two hand sync in both hands.

At first this may be difficult, but it becomes easier with each subsequent practice session.

Important: this is kind of training is to be done as part of your practice ONLY. Do not make this part of your general playing style.

Two Hand Synchronization Guitar Practice Strategy #5: Focus On String Changes

Practice moving single string phrases from string to string, ascending and descending.

Play the phrase ascending and descending.

This trains you to keep your hands in sync whenever you move from one string to another. This isolates a key element of two hand synchronization (string changes) and focuses on it like laser until it is tight.

Two Hand Synchronization Guitar Practice Strategy #6: Position Shift Isolation

Using a single string pattern, move it different frets on the fretboard. This develops another aspect of two hand synchronization fluency: shifting positions with your fretting hand.

Focus on:

-Staying relaxed in your shoulders, arms and hands as you switch positions.

-Articulating the beginning note with a lot of volume. This keeps you focused as you replay the same sequence again and again.

Try repeating this sequence as many times as possible without making a mistake. Track how many times you can do this and use a metronome to increase speed.

Two Hand Synchronization Guitar Practice Strategy #7: Tracking Your Musical Progress

You improve faster by tracking your progress with two hand sync and other areas in your playing.

-Correct weak areas of your playing.

-Get more results out of every practice session.

-See proof that you ARE getting better. This boosts your motivation and helps you improve at a faster pace.

Apply the information in this article to close the gap between your potential guitar speed and your usable guitar speed.

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